VIA Employment Job Summary
Job Summary

Starting Salary:   $6,318 - $10,993 per month

Job Description:   Responsible for the Director of Capital and Service Planning for VIA’s service planning and scheduling functions. Assists the Director in divisional operations including prioritization of major work assignments. Assists the Director in preparation of the division’s manpower and budget activities. Organize, direct, and monitor the work in Service Scheduling department. Supervises and directs the activities of the service analyst, scheduler, and service checker staff. Oversees design and scheduling for all transit services. Organizes and supervises the following activities: collecting service needs data, collecting service evaluation data, analyzing complaint patterns and operational results, planning, and coordinating the organization-wide efforts required for service adjustments, vehicle schedules, and workforce allocation. Coordinates closely with other VIA Departments and Divisions in the implementation of service changes.

Education and Experience:   Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Planning, Engineering, Economics, Finance, Transportation, or related field and at least 7 years of applicable work experience in transit and transportation planning/scheduling, or an equivalent combination. This experience must include 3 years of advanced transit scheduling, runcutting, and rostering. Must be able to organize and direct the technical work of other schedulers, and analyst.


VIA Metropolitan Transit is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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