Job Summary

Starting Salary:   Min:$6,429- $8,903 Mid: per month

Job Description:   Plans, organizes, coordinates, monitors, and troubleshoots the operations and maintenance of servers, network applications, cloud services, data centers and network. Assigns, directs, and coordinates the work of the Technology Operations staff. Establishes standards and goals for systems and network design, development, testing and implementation. Reviews and evaluates the work of the Technology Operations staff and prepares periodic performance reports. Meets regularly with staff to ensure the team is communicating about projects and issues. Ensures that systems and network are secure using best security practices and best of breed security applications. Monitors and ensures that backup plan is up to date and operating as designed to ensure data integrity. Is responsible for the patching, maintenance, and upgrades of server operating systems and other network software. Is responsible for budget design, purchasing, and managing vendor relations.

Education and Experience:   Bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, business, management, programming, or related discipline with 3 or more years of experience in systems management, or an equivalent combination. Experience must include local area network management, performance monitoring, system tuning, operating system and product installation and maintenance.


VIA Metropolitan Transit is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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