VIA Employment Job Summary
Job Summary

Starting Salary:   $6,133 - $10,362 per month

Job Description:   Responsible for supervising the personnel and activities of the Safety Department. This position is responsible for managing overall organizational, transportation, fleet and facilities, environmental safety and emergency operations programs and plans. This includes the identification, evaluation and mitigation of public, industrial and workplace safety risks associated with VIA operations. This position is responsible for promotion and cultivation of a strong safety culture at VIA. This position has overall managerial responsibility for all system safety functions and programs. This position is accountable for the dedicated execution and implementation of strategies and programs that create safe workspaces for all VIA employees.

Education and Experience:   Must have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Environmental Health and Safety or a related field and at least 3 years experience supervising a safety related function. Transit Safety Management experience would be desirable. Additional related education or experience may be used in determining an equivalent combination.

 Closing Date:  04/29/2018

VIA Metropolitan Transit is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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