VIA Employment Job Summary
Job Summary

Starting Salary:   $2,776 - $4,542 per month

Job Description:   To provide a safe environment for employees and visitors. To patrol and protect VIA's assets and property at all VIA-owned properties to include Administration buildings, transit centers and Park and Ride locations. Enforces the parking policy and regulations. Performs desk duties. Controls access and monitors activities in Myrtle Building lobby, VIA Metro Center lobby, Maintenance/Procurement Department, and VIA Villa at the Grand lobby. Answers the desk phone and refers callers. Provides service and information to employees and visitors. Enforces security related rules and regulations. Enforces the sign-in policy where applicable. Enforces the employee I.D. badge policy. Locks and unlocks office doors upon request of authorized employees. Monitors the employee/visitor parking lots for suspicious activity.

Education and Experience:   High school education or GED and at least two years of commissioned security officer experience or other experience in a security related field or military. Additional related education or experience may be used in determining an equivalent combination


VIA Metropolitan Transit is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
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